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Q: What does TCI Capital primarily invest in?
A: Our focus is on investing in commodity imports and exports.

Q: Does TCI Capital invest in Agricultural Commodities?
A: Yes! Our investments include Agricultural products including corn, wheat, etc.

Q: Should I invest in Commodities?
A: Again Yes! Our strategies maximize your investment in all climates.


Q: Does TCI Capital only work with Accredited Investors?
A: Yes. We do not work with investors that are not accredited.

Q: Does TCI Capital work with Institutions?
A: Yes. Our firm works with Institutional Investors.

Q: Does TCI Capital work with Family Offices?
A: Again Yes! Our team does work with Family Offices.


Q: Does TCI Capital manage Funds?
A: Yes! We have fund administration that works with both domestic and offshore funds.

Q: Does TCI Capital offer any other type of financial services?
A: Yes. We have a suite of financial services we can help with. Contact us to learn more.

Q: Does TCI Capital partner with other firms or funds?
A: Sometimes. If you would like to talk with us about partnering please contact us.

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